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How to spend WCX tokens?

How To Spend WeCoOwn Reward Tokens (WCX)
  • The rewards token WCX is a utility token that performs a vital functions for users on the WeCoOwn and the associated WePropertyowners platform. They are very similar to the frequent flyers points of reward programs from major airlines or the frequent travelers points from reward programs provided by many leading hotels. 

  • Members can spend WCX tokens to upgrade their membership an pay for the monthly subscription based Premium Membership or Professional Membership in order to use the online SaaS tool PBMS (Property Booking & Management System) to manage their co-owned properties or assets with other members. All Admin roles of any co-owned property or asset groups require either a premium or a professional membership.

  • The users may also use WCX tokens to pay for advertisements from vendors such as brokers, lenders, escrow agents, attorneys and other third party services providers. For sellers, they can also use the tokens to pay for the fees required for promotional activities of their listed properties and assets either for sale or for lease on the platform.

  • Unused tokens may also be redeemed for other benefits in the future within certain countries where regulations permit.

  • Without these WCX reward tokens, users can simply continue to use regular currencies to pay for these premium services provided on the platform.

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