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What is the WeCoOwn Platform

and its Rewards Token WCX?

Rubik's Cube

The Problem

  • Wouldn't it be nice to share the potential ownership of any assets with other like-minded people in a trusted free marketplace?

  • While you probably don't want to share a banana or an apple with anybody, there are many other things in this world that would be preferred to be shared by many people.

  • For example, high value items such as vacation homes, yachts, luxury cars, art, horses, and private jets but it certainly does not have to be limited to these high ticket items. In an pandemic environment, would it be great to share with 3 other people you already know and trust to own a car to share the high cost of maintaining the ownership of a car if you live in densely populated cities like New York, Tokyo, London or Singapore?

  • Imagine a marketplace where you can go to find and meet potential co-buyers for whatever assets you may want to co-own with others. If you already have a team of potential co-owners ready, you will just need a trustworthy platform to make sure the paperwork and back-end is properly managed to automate the property management process.

  • All these could come at a high cost. Wouldn't it be great to have a way to earn rewards by actively participating on the platform and then use the reward points to use the online SaaS property booking and management system as well as to pay for potential advertisements and promotional fees. The traditional reward program points are messy to manage, transfer and to keep records of. The rewards points may be best handled as an electronic token on a blockchain.


The Solution

  • Enter WeCoOwn - the world's first peer to peer marketplace to co-own any properties and assets with friends, family, or total strangers you will meet on the WeCo platform as well as WeCoOwn Rewards - the digital token based rewards program built on a blockchain as a utility token to be used on the platform.

  • It is important to note that WeCoOwn is only a platform for you to find and meet potential co-owners to pursue your own purchase deals with selling counterparties. At the moment WeCoOwn does not act as a middleman or an agency to broker any deals. It will be left for users who have a free membership of the WeCo platform. They may continue to consummate the relationship after you have met on the platform on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis. WeCoOwn does not charge any fees for the dating or mating process.

  • What WeCoOwn provides is a safe and secure way to meet people and/or bring your own team of owners in to finalize a property or asset purchase deal and continue to use WeCoOwn's online PBMS SaaS tool to manage the co-owned properties or assets for the co-ownership groups. 

  • Through the user-friendly platform, you can easily find new like mined potential co-owners for any immediate property or asset purchase deals. You may also form life long connections and working relationships with these people you meet on the platform.

  • WeCoOwn Rewards Program is developed to assist the users to earn rewards points to pay for the utilities of the WeCo platform. Please continue the reading on how to earn the WCX token as well as how to spend them on the platform. We wish you enjoy the journey to meet many interesting people and form many successful co-ownership projects on the WeCoOwn platform! 

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